My Services:


Psychic Medium Readings:


Individual 1 Hour ~ $125.00

Readings cover Relationship, Family, Health and Career

Hostess Private Party - 1 hour

individual readings of minimum 3 or maximum 5 people. I will travel up to an approximate 1 hour distance. Cost $125.00 each person

Phone/Facetime/Skype 1 Hour - are

Pre-Paid and are as accurate as in person readings. Cost $125.00

***In person readings are recorded. A complimentary MP3 recording willbe emailed to client through WeTransfer**

Accepting PayPal:




Gift Certificates:

A PDF Gift Certificate for a 1 Hour Individual Reading. The name of the recipient will be included on the certificate. Gift Certificates can be picked up in person or emailed as a PDF. Expiration date is 1 year from date of purchase. Cannot be transferred to another person nor can it be exchanged for cash. Gift Certificate purchases are non refundable.

Cost: $125.00 










House  Cleansing, Smudging and Spiritual Blessings:

House Cleansing is removing any unwanted Spiritual Energy which is in fact, Earthbound Spirits. Sometimes, these low vibration Spirits and Ghosts can be a nuisance in your home, bothering your family, pets or just causing unbalance within the energy level in your house, even scaring you or your loved ones. Most Earthbound Spirits are harmless and either just want your help in crossing them over into the light or they just want to make their presence known. Unfortunately, just smudging or saging a home that has Earthbound Spirits will not rid your home of the Spirits. They have to be asked to leave and help cross over into the light. While I cannot guarantee every Spirit I encounter will go willingly into the light, most do.

However, residual energy is different and smuding can be very effect of removing this energy. Smuding is one of the most incredibly effective forms of space clearing available to remove unwanted low, negative energy that is lingering in your space. Smudging practice goes back thousands of years. It allows you to wash away all the emotional and spiritual negativity that gathers in your body and your space (home, car, office, etc) over time. It's a little bit like taking a spiritual shower. Residual energy is an imprint of energy so  smudging is effective in releasing it.


I always use sage (preferably white) to cleanse and bless the home with prayer. 

I offer both Cleansing and Smudging together or separately depending on what you are experiencing at home.


Please message me for rates.









I am located in Sayreville, New Jersey but will travel within 70 miles of my home for Hostess Private Parties and House Cleansings.

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